Monday, February 7, 2011

NIILM-CMS->Myth and Reality

Hello friends i and my friends happended to be students of this so claimed prestigious B-school of india. we want toblow the cover of this institute among the aspirants who under misrepresentation happened to waste their future in this kind of institutes.figure out the reality!!!
believe me if you are planning to take admission into this b-school you better drop the idea as you won't happen to gain anything from this institute.please read on to know more.
  1. first of all this institute claim itself to be in the top 20 bschools of india.this is a fake and heavily paid representation that is done by this college.this college own the magazine called just career and boast its place among the list of  top 10 b-schools.this is a paid for service and they make sure they send this magazine free of cost to all those MAT aspirants.
  2. this college has a huge fee structure 7.6 lakhs + 3 lakhs for the hostel facilities(there are many hidden fees that will pop up from time to time and what is mentioned in the begining at the time of the admission is just a misnomer) which this institute does not deserve.WHY ?FIND OUT BELOW
  3. Niilm-CMS is located in a very remote and isolated area of the city life of either delhi or noida(not even greater noida).
  4. there are rarely any facilities availble to the students for having lunch or breakfast.the only option available to them is college canteen where you have to pay an extra amount of 30/-per meal.moreover the quality of the food that they provide is really pathetic.they don't justify money value theorem.images shown below are taken from the terrace of the institute and it clearly depict that there are really any facilities that are available for a couple of miles. miles off the course!!!
  5. the area surrounding and nearby Niilm-CMS is not a safe zone in terms of security especially for the girl students. there has been incidents of harrasing and eve teasing by the localites and college is helpless.the college doesn't even bother to inform the police official of such a serious incident that happened to one of girl you want to know the reason why?the colege authorities are incompetent of handling and safe guarding its security and completely helpless.there is  even an irony to this as after a few days of this incident college authorities were found to have sipping tea at the conference with the people known as rowdies and trying to convince and plede to spare them off.thus showing their helplessness.
  6. college claims that there is no ragging but some faculties enjoy it with some senior students .they call it personal development program(PDP),i guess i heard a new name for ragging?
Quality of the faculty members:
the quality of almost all the faculty members(except a few  research  faculties who are damn good and great) here are pathetic.they claim themselves to belong to prestigious institutes like IIT ,FMS, IIM but they belong to none either academically or behaviourally.the program director(i won't mention the names here you can find it right from the official site) abuses students with all the abusing languages which cannot be described right here on this blog.some common symtomps that are found in the faculties of NIILM-CMS.

  • subject knowlede of the faculty members is very poor.moreover they don't even take classes regularly.its up to their wish whether they do it or leave it.all thanks to program director  he knows it and promote it efficiently and effectively.
  • faculty members are very partial and grades are allocated not based on talent but how good you are at licking their if you are not good at this you better get your grey cells to work before you miss the pie.
  •  there are a few faculty member who claim that they are gold medalist.iam not sure whether they actually earned it or bought it from the near by store.their concept in the subject is damn dead and ready to screwthe students if you dare question their authority.
  • this institute is ment only a pass time activity for almost all of its faculty.we could actually have the faculties bunking off their classes for the sake of fun with their fellow colleagues.
 Quality of the placements
what do you know about the placement of this college?iam sure the imformation that have been passed to you would  figure it  and show  as12.5 lakhs per annum as the average and around 6 lakhs per annum as the average. impressed right?

that's not the truth!the highest ever package of this college has gone was 6 lakhs, even that was way back in the previous few years NIILM CMS has seen the highest package of 4.5 lacks per annum and if we talk about the recent passing batch it happens to be around 4.0 lakhs per annum(min:1.8LPA).even more than 70% of the batch is still to be placed.and among those who are placed are mostly through external contacts.
the college follows a dirty policy where in they first off filter students by grade (which are made sure even before the program starts to lowered down). this is done so as to weed out the most from the batch and potray the placement figure as 100%.the faculty has our grades under their control and they feel they can play with us the way the might find it appropriate.

hostel facilities
lets come  to the hostel facilities.the hostel facilites are pathetic.there is no one among our batch who has survived this great nutritious food. the food served is vegetarian as called by them but even if you are a non vegitarian you don't have to shell anything extra for can very well find non veg items likes cockroaches,insects,flies,etc.i guess you need to have a good appetite before you can actually land in here.

we wanted to share this information with all the future aspirants who might run into making the same kind of mistake as we did.if you feel this is out of aggression that we desperately want to spoil the image of a b-school ,a better idea would be to join this institute and find it out for yourself in due course of time.better put "experience it yourself"!!!.

NIILM-CMS->Would you like to pay 10 lakhs for your MBA @this place???????

You might be very well aware of this image.
now take a look below to find out the reality..........

Decide is this the place you long to belong and make an investment of 10 lakhs for your MBA?
does it deserve 10 lakhs of investment?
Think twice before you might end up loosing your investment as well as future.
if you still don't believe it,it is an onus request to join this institute and figure it out for yourself.

NIILM-CMS->far off the reality!!!

 These are the pictures that are taken from from top of the institute building that shows you facilitites lying couples of miles away from you.even if there is a unforeseen condition or emmergency arising out rely on your luck!!!